Bristol vs the world is a bit of a misleading title.This blog isn’t about comparing Bristol to the rest of the world, it’s about highlighting all the brilliant places you can go and things you can see, whether you’re in this corner of the South West or further afield. But, as I’m based in Bristol, there will probably be more posts on this city than anywhere else – hence the blog name.

As well as ad-hoc features on cities, countries and so forth, look out for these regular posts: ‘Food Friday’ (restaurant reviews), ‘Where to stay Wednesday’ (hotel reviews) and the occasional ‘Style Sunday’ (women’s fashion features to help with your packing – or just to empty your purse).

About Me
I’m a relative newbie to life in Bristol, but quickly fell in love with this amazing city for many reasons, but particularly its host of independent shops, restaurants and cafes and its amazing spirit. When I’m not writing about travel (or travelling, or procrastinating some other way), I work on guidebooks for a well-known heritage charity.

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