Hammamet, Tunisia

by Amy & the world

An intense MA (me) and year of working (John) meant that by July last year all we wanted to do was lie on a beach for a week. Taking advantage of cheap package prices due to the earlier revolution, we ended up in Hammamet, Tunisia. Incidentally, for anybody concerned about whether the area is safe – please don’t be. In Hammamet, the only way you could tell that a revolution had taken place was through the almost-unreal stories of locals working in the hotel and running shops in the medina.

Although we went with little intention of leaving our sun loungers (something I probably shouldn’t admit on a travel blog…), we did see a little bit more of the country than our hotel. Although Hammamet is predominantly a tourist resort full of all-inclusive hotels, you will find Tunisians enjoying the beach in the town centre. Dating from the 15th century, the medina is also worth a visit – you could of course buy everything in here in your hotel, but where’s the fun in that when you could be haggling – though to be hassled by shop owners wanting to get you into their shops (also, heck out the prices of items in your hotel or online before visiting – the shop owners will start very high!). Our trip was rewarded with two ceramic bowls and two wooden pestles and mortars which now take pride of place in my kitchen.

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